Environment and sustainability

In an era of climate emergency, sustainability isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s an important part of Cotswold Poster Co. Here’s are the three ways it is at the heart of business:

1. Supporting local wildlife

Looking up at trees

Rather than just minimising harm, we want to positively support the natural world. One of the best things we can do is enable the environment to fight for us – particularly adding more plants and trees to absorb CO2, clean our air, prevent flooding, and supply homes for more wildlife.

Whilst supporting rainforests like the Amazon is hugely important and gets lots of coverage, we shouldn’t forget the power of starting locally – especially when it comes to things like UK flood prevention. For that reason 2% of all Cotswold Poster Co income are donated to the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Wildlife Trusts (split equally) and their work to restore and increase the natural landscapes around the Cotswolds.

2. Recycled artwork paper

Recycled paper details

All of our unframed poster prints and greetings cards (plus promotional postcards and business cards) are printed on 100% recycled paper/card and use recycled envelopes. This gives the paper a slight fleck, adding to the vintage style but the colour on the prints is still vibrant and UV resistant.

Framed prints are not on recycled paper but are only printed and framed to order (via our partner company) avoiding excess product creation.

Of course, all our products are printed here in Britain – no air miles involved. 

3. Recyclable and plastic-free packaging

Details of the Cotswold Poster Co packaging

All of the packaging for unframed prints and greeting cards is recyclable, and all of the envelopes, boxes, and bags are made with recycled, unbleached paper. The packing tape is plastic-free and stickers are biodegradable, so everything can go straight in your recycling bin.

For extra protection the prints (and greeting cards sent to shops) are wrapped in clear 'cellophane' bags. These bags are made in the UK from film that is made from corn or similar starches (such as potato or sugar). They are fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down in home or commercial composting or landfill.