About Cotswold Poster Co

The Cotswold Poster Co was founded by graphic designer Matt Isherwood, who grew up in Cirencester and now lives in Malmesbury (returning to the area after university in Falmouth and working in London for several years). Here he explains the three core Cotswold Poster Co values:

Celebrating all of the Cotswolds

I design posters that celebrate all of the beautiful towns and villages in the Cotswolds, not just the most famous ones. I do this with designs inspired by mid-20th Century railway and travel posters, a style that is synonymous with promoting the towns and regions of the UK. All of the posters are created digitally but designed by hand—there’s more on the process here.

Collaborative and accessible

I aim to champion the region by collaborating with local businesses and creatives (from photographers to marketers). I also only stock products in locally owned shops, cafes, and venues. If you’re interested in stocking the designs as greetings cards or posters then get in touch. Equally if you’re of a creative nature and have an idea about how we could partner or work together, get in touch.

I use posters because they are an art form that is accessible to all. A part of that is getting you to help choose which designs you want: you can vote on them here.

A sustainable business

Not harming the environment is extremely important to me and I use an FSC approved printer, meaning all the paper comes from responsibly managed sources. As much of the packaging as possible is paper or card so it can be easily recycled. We also donate 2% of our income to local wildlife trusts.

Learn more about what we're doing here.



The Cotswold Poster Company started life as Malmesbury Card Company, funnily enough because I started with just greetings cards of Malmesbury. However demand for the posters grew as well as interest from nearby areas in the Cotswolds, so the evolution came naturally.