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Original poster art of places around the Cotswolds

Poster prints from Cotswold Poster Co

Cotswold Poster Co celebrates as many of the great places in and near the Cotswolds as possible – not just the few famous ones. The designs take inspiration from mid-20th Century railway posters, a style famous for promoting the places of the UK but that pretty much missed out the Cotswolds.

All of the posters are original designs that are drawn digitally – there are no filters or shortcuts used. You can read more about the design process here.

A local designer on a mission

Matt Isherwood Cotswold Poster Co

Cotswold Poster Co was brought to life in 2019 by graphic designer Matt Isherwood, who grew up in Cirencester and now lives in Malmesbury. He studied graphic design in Falmouth and worked as a web designer in London for nearly a decade before returning to the area in 2017 with his young family.

He started by making a few greeting cards of Malmesbury because he couldn’t find a style he liked, and it grew from there. Now he’s aiming to create a poster for all the towns and villages in the area – nearly three years in and the to do list is still over 150 places long!

All of the unframed orders are still packed and posted by hand from his home studio.

Every sale benefits the environment

View across the Cotswolds landscape

Rather than just minimising harm, we want to positively support the natural world. One of the best things we can do is enable the environment to fight for us – particularly adding more plants and trees to absorb CO2, clean our air, prevent flooding, and supply homes for more wildlife.

Whilst supporting rainforests like the Amazon is hugely important and gets lots of coverage, we shouldn’t forget the power of starting locally – especially when it comes to things like UK flood prevention. For that reason 2% of all Cotswold Poster Co income are donated to the Gloucestershire and Wiltshire Wildlife Trusts (split equally) and their work to restore and increase the natural landscapes around the Cotswolds.


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You can learn more about Matt's background here.