You can now order framed posters

It has been a long time in coming but thanks to joining forces with a framing supplier you can finally now buy ready-framed posters direct from the website. Here's everything you need to know...

Black framed poster

After choosing the size of print your want just add a black or white frame directly from any product page (other than limited edition designs which are supplied signed and unframed).

All frame edges are 21mm wide and 23mm deep and are available in a smooth-finished black or white hardwood, which is nice and durable. Acrylic perspex is used for the glaze, rather than glass as it’s less prone to breakages in shipping and looks just as good on your wall, offering UV protection and non-glare.

White framed poster

In terms of working out the space a framed print will take on your walls simply add 30mm to both dimensions to get the overall height and width.

Each one is framed to order by our specialist partners, who will dispatch them direct to you via tracked courier. Framing takes 3-5 working days and delivery is next working day – you'll be emailed a tracking code when it is dispatched. Delivery for all orders over £25 is free, which includes A4 and A3 framed prints.

Simply go to any poster product to choose a frame.

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