Travel posters from around the UK

Cotswold Poster Co was launched to celebrate the whole of the Cotswolds, with an initial aim of having a poster design for every town and village in the region. After five years we have over 120 designs of places in the Cotswold area with every town covered, plus many villages.

The work will go on to create more Cotswold designs but as the list of viable places shortens it is finally time to spread our wings and create posters for places elsewhere too. There have been too many requests from friends and family to ignore, so we now have a new collection known as 'Further Afield'.

Poster prints of UK towns

This is a variety bag of vintage travel style poster art of different places from across the UK. We launch with four new places taking from Somerset to Yorkshire: Glastonbury Tor, Hay-on-Wye, Reigate, and Whitby. While the collection is rounded out with a few designs in the existing catalogue that are just a bit too far away from the Cotswolds to count as nearby.

The aim is to continue the railway style concept but to cover further rural and less-featured locations – the big cities are already well served by a range of poster art. Explore the new collection here and look out for more appearing across 2024.

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