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Stand with Ukraine poster

I've created a poster you can use to show your support of Ukraine and the victims of the Russian invasion.

Buying this poster for just £3 gets you downloadable A4 & A3 PDFs that you can print and put in your window, on your noticeboard, or wherever. 100% of the income from it will go to the DEC Ukraine appeal which will help Ukrainian refugees.

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Payment of $3.96 taken in US Dollars. Credit card or PayPal.

About the design

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine painfully rumbles on, like so many others I have been moved to help in some (tiny) way. It's hard to know what to do but being a poster designer I thought I’d create something that can be used to show your support for the people and country at the heart of this brutal war.

This invasion has caused me to appreciate the figurative simplicity of the Ukrainian flag (a flag I can’t say I ever considered before). I wanted to do something that worked with that and used a slogan that has featured in the worldwide rallies of support: 'Stand with Ukraine'. The command ‘Stand’ is like a sun filling the sky while ‘with Ukraine’ runs along the horizon line, with a shadow to show it is holding firmly on the ground.

Today wars are very much media events too and they end up with their own symbols. In this case the resistance has been symbolised by the defiance and charisma of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – a man who appropriately represents everything that is the opposite of Vladimir Putin.

Therefore I have put Zelenskyy in the foreground, in front of the flag, with his fist raised – as he has done several times on video calls with rallies and world governments. Of course he is wearing his now trademark green t-shirt.

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