Request a design

There are now well over 100 designs of locations available to buy at Cotswold Poster Co and most of the Cotswolds are covered. I've also expanded to design places further afield into Wiltshire and Worcestershire.

The only way I can judge demand for new designs is to understand what people want. I have always kept track of every request I have received and have a long list of locations that have come up, but many of them are very small places with only a few votes so it's becoming harder to know which places to tackle next! 

Therefore if there's somewhere you'd love to see in the Cotswold Poster Co style, then please do get in touch, either via email, Instagram or Facebook.

You can request a variety of different things, so here are a few ideas:

I can't guarantee I'll be able to make them, but I can guarantee I'll log every single request. I'm also running out of time for new designs this year but 2023 is currently a blank slate!

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