New Christmas Cards for 2022

It's not necessarily time to start thinking about Christmas properly yet but some folk like to get their cards going nice and early. That's especially true if you have friends and family to contact around the world. And if you want to give them a taste of home or a favourite Cotswold place then we might have the cards for you...

Every year a few new cards get added to the range and for 2022 there are four new designs. All of them suitably featuring local churches: Cirencester marketplace, Uley village, Stroud skyline, and Blockley church.

This brings the total collection up to 16 different designs, and all of the Christmas cards can be seen here or in the images below. You can buy them individually or in packs of 6 – there are some great deals to be add when you buy more than one pack too!

It's always interesting to hear which places you'd love to see in Christmas card form, so get in touch if there's one you're after and it might just make the next collection!

Cotswold Christmas card designs


Cotswold vintage style Christmas cards

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