Last of the magnets

A couple of years ago I was pretty excited to introduce fridge magnets as a Cotswold Poster Co product, as a new way to display mini vintage travel posters. I know I'm a fan of buying a souvenir magnet of a new place that I visit – our kitchen fridge features a nice little summary of our last decade or so of travels.

Unfortunately the first supplier that I found to provide them was in mainland Europe and after being hit by a chunky customs charge when importing them I realised this wasn't going to be a sustainable solution. Scuppered by Brexit.

I shopped around to test out the quality and found a UK supplier that I was happy with. Their costs were higher but I could just about make it work and it was great to reduce the miles traveled.

However the price slowly crept up and in 2023 they have pretty much leapt up, meaning I'm unable to keep selling them at pocket money prices any more. Obviously I could put the prices up but it feels hard to justify that for a little magnet. Also they require ordering in large numbers of the same design, which is why I've been unable to expand the range.

As a result the remaining ones in stock are now heavily reduced until they're gone. You can get hold of them here.

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