Get a GWR train t-shirt (or hoodie)

Time for something a little different... you can now get hold of a t-shirt, sweater, or hoodie featuring the Cotswold Poster Co train illustration from the Kemble station poster. Available in children's sizes it particularly makes a nice little present for kids who love trains (but adults can get one too)!

You can buy the train top for kids here! And find out the story behind it below...

Fast train t-shirt

Kemble railway station poster framed

Why have I created this?

My five year old son is a big train fan but whenever we've looked for t-shirts and jumpers with them on, we can only find designs of steam trains – and often quite basic illustrations. While he quite likes steam trains, he really prefers the modern electric trains, the GWR 800 class to be precise (obviously, they look cool and go faster!).

With his birthday coming up I decided I would need to take things into my own hands. Looking at his bedroom wall, where he has a Kemble station poster, I realised I already had an image I could use...

So I've made this train design available for all, because I'm sure there are others out there who may have come across the same problem! You can select from a few different t-shirts and hoodies, as well as colours of top too so hopefully you can find one you like.

You can also get hold of a few other illustrations from Cotswold Poster Co designs on t-shirts and other products – including the Cotswold sheep from the logo. And in my experience delivery is quicker than they quote on there too!

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