Eco-friendly product packaging

It’s important to the Cotswold Poster Co mission that the packaging is as eco-friendly as possible and that nothing gets sent to landfill. All packaging is able to be recycled at home and wherever possible it is made from post-consumer waste too. 

Here’s a rundown of the current products you'll find in the packaging and some of their sustainable features:

Product packaging

Backing board – 100% recycled and unbleached
All A4 and A3 prints are wrapped with a nice thick greyboard that stops them bending.

Backing paper – 100% recycled 
Each poster print comes with an info sheet on the back printed on recycled paper.

Clear wraps – biodegradable corn starch
All posters are given protection with these plastic-free wraps.

Envelopes – 100% recycled and unbleached
All greeting cards come with slightly textured brown Kraft envelopes and fridge magnets are posted in these as well.

Greeting card boxes – part recycled and unbleached
Orders for lots of cards come in these letterbox-friendly boxes.

Postal packaging

A4 postal jackets – 100% recycled and plastic-free
These are Amazon-style card’ mailjackets’ that give added protection to the A4 prints and they are home-stamped with a Do Not Bend message.

A3 postal envelopes – 100% recycled and unbleached
These are the brown board-backed envelopes pre-printed with ‘Do Not Bend’ on them.

A5 folders – 100% recycled and unbleached
If you order multiple 5x7 prints, they’ll be packaged together in these brown card folders within a recycled envelope.

Other bits

Stickers – 100% biodegradable
Any stickers that crop up on the packaging will be 100% compostable and vegan (although where possible we prefer to use a re-usable ink stamp).

Tape – recyclable & plastic-free
All tape used on the packaging is the brown plastic-free variety that can go in with your paper recycling.

Business cards and promotional postcards – 100% recycled paper
Of course these are printed on recycled card too.

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