Design request backlog for June 2023

At Cotswold Poster Co I aim to produce designs of places that people want to see, so I keep a record of every search and request for a new place. The ones that are most popular will get poster designs in due course.

Back in January I gave a summary of the current state of the backlog and the top five places that people had requested. Six months on, lets see how well I’ve done on producing these…

January 2023’s most requested new places

  1. Great Malvern – done, get the poster here
  2. Oxford – done, get the poster here
  3. Horsley – just released, find it here
  4. Pershore – done, find the poster here
  5. Quenington – coming out soon

I’d say that’s pretty good – four out of five done and released with one ready to go and out very soon!

In addition I have also produced a few more designs including the Gloucester Docks poster, Mickleton poster (another place that had bubbled up the list in the meantime), Tewkesbury Abbey poster, and one for Swindon’s Lydiard Park.

The current backlog

So where are we now? Let’s take a look at the current request list top five as of the end of June 2023:

  1. Brockworth
  2. Melksham
  3. Berkeley
  4. Leonard Stanley
  5. Charlbury

Suffice to say these will be under consideration for the design process over the next few months. As long as I can find a suitable view or landmark in that place then they can join the production line.

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If you have a place you’d like to request then get in touch – there are over 200 places on the long list but as a location gains interest it can move up the list pretty quickly.

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