A new and somewhat different poster

Obviously all of the posters on Cotswold Poster Co are location-based and almost all feature towns and villages. However I've just created my first poster which is completely different to them – a text-only design.

It's a motivational message for all the creatives, artists, designers out there. It came from a few months back when I felt I was getting bogged down in all the work that was required to run a business: stock orders, creating photos, responding to email, keeping social media up to date etc. Only about once per week would I actually do some poster design (admin can easily fill up as much time as you're willing to give it).

I felt like I was losing sight of what I was doing and why I was doing it. At the end of a day without doing any design work it felt like I hadn't achieved anything. I eventually had the realisation that I needed to be doing the creative part and design posters every day. *That* was the reason I was running this business.

Suddenly making sure I had time to design every working day left me feeling a lot more satisfied and it proved a good way to get out of any possible 'creative block'. If in doubt, create/make something. Keep the quantity flowing and the quality will follow.

So inspired by the 'Always Be Closing' salesman's motto (as Alec Baldwin explains here) is the slightly more uplifting 'Always Be Creating'. A motivational reminder for any creative out there.

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