Why aren’t all of the designs available as greeting cards?

As of mid 2022 there are over 100 designs on Cotswold Poster Co available as poster prints and about 50 that you can buy as greeting cards. Sometimes I am asked if a certain poster design can be purchased as a greeting card, and the answer is yes if you’re ordering in bulk/wholesale. Unfortunately the answer is no if you only want one or a single pack.

Why is this? All of the products require professional printing to create something at the level of quality that I am happy with. Over the years I’ve found some great printers that I use to get my products printed to hold in stock, ready to quickly dispatch when an order comes in.

Poster prints can be ordered in short print runs but greeting cards need to be ordered in large numbers to make the price affordable. And over the last year the price of greeting card printing just keeps going up across all printers—it's not quite clear why but another victim of these inflationary times.

As a result I can now only get a new design printed as a greeting card if it is ordered in bulk – which is generally for shops and other stockists. A bulk order can be as low as 25 cards when ordered along with some other designs to make up a print run. Once a new design is printed I’ll put any extras or spares on the website for sale.

If you are a shop interested in stocking Cotswold Poster Co greeting cards then get in touch for wholesale pricing and to discuss the designs you would like.

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