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37 places to visit in the Cotswolds

If you're planning a trip/holiday to the Cotswolds this year you'll be interested in taking a look at the guide to the towns and villages to visit that I've been gradually putting together. It is based on the poster designs I've created but with an added a bit of information about what there is to see and why you should visit each place (as someone who has lived here for a long time).

It's been growing over time and currently stands at 37 places that are well worth a visit. Of course there are more than that, including all the attractions that fall outside of towns and villages, so it will continue to be added to in future...

Places to visit in the Cotswolds

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Want to stock Cotswold Poster Co products?

If you're thinking about getting your shop ready to reopen in 2021 and are interested in refreshing things, you can now easily stock Cotswold Poster Co greeting cards and posters.

We've teamed up with Creoate where stores can order stock from a range of independent brands from around the world. By creating a buyer account you can access the wholesale rates, pay on 60 day terms, and can return unsold inventory.

Take a look at the Cotswold Poster Co Creoate page here – more products going up on there all the time!

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Lockdown 3: order as normal

Obviously Britain is back into another lockdown to kick off 2021, but just to let you know that nothing has changed this end and all orders are being taken and processed as normal on this site. They'll be posted out twice a week, usually on Mondays and Fridays.

If you're ordering from abroad you can still order prints as normal from Fy! or Arthaus where they'll be shipped to almost anywhere around the globe.

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